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Infected Days

What is Infected Days

Infected Days game is an online zombie game. The world is no longer a safe place. Hordes of zombies are coming at you! Shoot them all and try to survive at all cost.

Destroy zombies and complete as many levels as you can to earn coins and diamonds. Use them to buy guns, perks, upgrade your powers, and unlock more skins.

Once you complete a level, you will receive a chest featuring 3 options. And you can only pick one. It may vary from additional bullets, increasing bullet speed, damage shield, shooting range, and many other choices. Think carefully before you select because it can affect your performance at the next level.

As you progress further in the game, zombies will become stronger and harder to destroy. So you need to continuously upgrade your power and weapons to fight against them.

Infected Days game is easy to play. You just need to move the mouse to control the movement. When you face a zombie at a specific range, the gun will automatically fire multiple bullets.

The health bar will be displayed at the top left corner. It will show how much health you have left. The game is over when your health bar reaches 0. Pay attention to it!

Zombie games have become a popular genre among gamers. Infected Days game is a good pick if you're a fan of this game genre. Share it with your friends and see how far you can go.

Infected Days Features

  • Many levels to enjoy. More levels will be unlocked once you’ve completed the first 15 levels.
  • Numerous upgrades, guns, and perks
  • Easy game controls
  • Nice graphics

Release Date

December 2021

Game Developer

Infected Days game was developed by titangames.

Game Platforms

Web browsers, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows

Infected Days is an interesting zombie shooting game. It is totally free to play. Get ready and try to survive in the deadly zombie apocalypse world!

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How to play

Move your mouse to control movement

Right-click to activate special power

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