" Cloudflare Expands Its Zero Trust Platform

Cloudflare Expands Its Zero Trust Platform, Introduces New Firewall Capabilities

What is Cloudflare and How Does it Implement Zero Trust Security?

Cloudflare provides a suite of services that help keep the internet safe and secure for everyone. It specializes in providing cloud security, application security, visibility, and performance. In August of 2019, Cloudflare announced a revolutionary update to its Web Application Firewall (WAF) and DNS Firewall capabilities that implemented advanced ‘Zero Trust’ security measures.

Overview of Cloudflare’s Firewall

Cloudflare’s WAF and DNS Firewall offerings provide protection against application, network, and hardware attacks. The latter involves protection against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, malicious actors, and vulnerabilities within the infrastructure itself. As for application security, the Firewall safeguards against SQL injection, XSS, and command injection attacks.

How the Update Increased the Ante on Zero Trust Security

Cloudflare’s update significantly upped the ante on Zero Trust security. Employing advanced machine-learning algorithms, the update provides a considerable visibility, control, and intelligence boost with respect to network activity.

Increased Visibility of Network Activity

The new capabilities will allow customers to gain high-level visibility into their network activity in near real-time. For example, they will be able to see which IP addresses and domains are connecting to their networks and what protocols they are using. The advanced machinery powering the Firewall will be able to detect suspicious connections quickly and alert the customer accordingly.

Advanced Machine Learning

Today’s digital landscape is evolving rapidly and poses many security challenges. Therefore, static security measures are becoming less and less effective. Cloudflare’s new update comes with advanced machine-learning capabilities that help detect malicious behavior in a more agile and efficient manner. This is achieved through complex algorithms embedded in the Firewall’s operations that detect changes in traffic patterns quickly. As a result, the system is able to identify and stop malicious behavior with greater accuracy.

Automated Blocking Capabilities

The Firewall’s powerful machine-learning capabilities go a step further, enabling automated blocking of malicious activity. As the Firewall gains more knowledge of suspicious patterns in traffic, it automatically implements appropriate blocks and generates reports on the same. This makes it easier for businesses to keep up with the latest in Zero Trust security measures, without having to worry about manually configuring the system.

Impacts of the New Capabilities

The new capabilities introduced through this update have significant implications for businesses that rely on Cloudflare for security.

Benefits for Businesses

Cloudflare’s update provides businesses with increased visibility, enhanced security control, and an improved sense of trust. By leveraging the Firewall’s advanced machine-learning algorithms, businesses can rest assured that their data is safe and secure, even in the face of increasingly advanced threats. It also enables businesses to gain greater insight into their network activity and easily detect and respond to suspicious activity. Additionally, automated blocking capabilities help businesses keep up with the latest trends in Zero Trust security, without having to make labor-intensive configuration changes.

Improved Sense of Security

The new capabilities further strengthen Cloudflare’s already formidable security provisions. This added layer of intelligence and control is sure to give users an improved sense of security and trust. Moreover, the transparency of the Firewall’s automated blocking capabilities will help users make well-informed decisions regarding their security posture. As a result, businesses can protect their data from the most sophisticated threats with greater confidence.

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